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Our Community Garden

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About The Garden

Cook with Communities has taken advantage of the community gardening space at local manufacturer CityScapes in Hilliard, Ohio for the 2023 growing season.  In one of the two raised garden beds, we have planted and grown tomatoes and basil. The neighboring plot has been planted strategically using the Three Sisters method, the crops being corn, beans, and squash.  These three crops work together to nourish one another and provide an optimal growing environment.  


WHY have a community garden?

We are actively practicing what we "preach," integrating our organization within the community and producing fresh, self-grown crops that are used for our cooking classes and taste tests with our partner organizations.

We hope that by gaining experience ourselves on how to successfully grow a garden, we can educate and inspire individuals in the communities we serve to also utilize these spaces and eat fresh. 

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